Отчет: Use-Case Specification
This report is used by people interested in the use case, such as customers, users, software architects, requirements specifiers, designers, use-case designers, testers, managers, reviewers, and writers.
Основное описание

1. Brief Description
A brief description of the use case is included here.

2. Flow of Events
The flow of events of the use case is included here. Only one level of subflows is indicated, but you may add more levels if necessary.

2.1 Basic Flow of Events

2.1.1 <name of subflow>

2.2 Alternative Flow of Events

2.2.1 <name of subflow>

3. Special Requirements
Special requirements of the use case.

3.1 <name of special requirement>
A brief description of the special requirement.

4. preconditions
preconditions of the use case.

4.1 <name of precondition>
A brief description of the precondition.

5. postconditions
postconditions of the use case.

5.1 <name of postcondition>
A brief description of the postcondition.

6. Extension Points
Extension points of the use case.

6.1 <name of extension point>
Definition of the location of the extension point in the flow of events.

7. Relationships
The relationships involving the use case are included here.

  • For communicates-associations, a brief description, multiplicity, and associated actors are included. Also, the navigability of the use-case role is included.
  • For include- and extend-relationships, a brief description and associated use cases are included.

8. Use-Case Diagrams
Use-Case Diagrams local to the use case.

9. Other Diagrams
Other graphs that illustrate the use case.