Department of technology of electronic materials and devices

The development of modern electronic devices requires unique materials and technologies. Laser, plasma, electronic, ionic and other high technologies, which appeared initially in electronics, are widely used in almost all branches of science and engineering. These are new materials properties and nanomaterials  application, nanostructures, physicochemical  bases of high technologies and their application variety that are studied by the department students.

The Department trains bachelors in two directions:

  • "Electronics and nanoelectronics" ( the academic  profile -  "Microelectronics and solid-state electronics")
  • "Chemical Technology" (the academic  profile - "Electronics and nanoelectronics materials technology")

Training for the master's degree is carried out according to the direction   " Chemical Technology" (academic profile  - "Micro- and nanotechnologies in the electronic products ").

Bachelors taking training according to Electronics and nanoelectronics profile, are engaged in the development and preparation of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, solid-state lasers and other optoelectronic devices.

Bachelors taking training according to in Electronics and nanoelectronics materials technology  profile are engaged in ultrahigh-purity materials and nano-sized coatings preparation. They are also engaged in vacuum, gas-discharge and solid-state devices development and preparation. The examples are: plasma display panels and lasers, transmitting and gridded tubes.

Whatever plant  our graduates will work, they will  deal with knowledge intensive technologies and prosesses, nanostructures and nanomaterials. Our graduates are competitive at a modern labour market.

They study computer technology and electronic equipment, acquire knowledge in electronic devices exploitation and service, carry out researches.

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