Electrocemical production technology department

The Department trains bachelors in the direction of "Chemical Technology" (the academic  profile  is "Technology of electrochemical productions and electric energy sources"). Graduate students are pursuing a master's degree in "Electrochemical Processes and Productions".

Electrochemical technologies cover a wide range of processes. Thus,  electroplating  is used to make machine elements thermal resistant, durable, corrosion-resistant in an aggressive environment, as well as to impart them antifriction and magnetic properties.

Electrophysical and electrochemical treatment of  the materials is used in the manufacture of parts from superhard materials that can not be machined. These technologies are necessary in the machine-building, aircraft and missile building, moto industry, shipbuilding, atomic engineering,  oil and  gas transmission pipelines manufacture.

Self-generated power supplies application is annually increasing. These devices can be huge for airliners or millimeter-sized for compact electronic devices. But they must be reliable and fail-safe regardless of their power and size. The development and production of new electric energy sources is an urgent task of electrochemistry.

Modern technology requires the application of high-purity materials for preparing  sophisticated instruments. Various metals can be obtained electrolytically: aluminum, copper, zinc, cadmium, platinum; gases: fluorine, hydrogen, chlorine,etc.

   There are no industries where electrochemical technologies are not used, and it is a guarantee of ISUCT graduates employment.

Electrochemical Production Technology Department and Ceramics and Nanomaterials Technology Department train bachelors in the direction of “Materials and processing technology”.

ISUCT students study the means, techniques and methods of various materials working out to impart them an art value and useful qualities. They also get the hand of realistic and stylized drawing, painting, composition, sculpture, engineering  design, art products, sketches creation. Students specialize in ceramics and glass technology, or decorative coatings with metals and alloys.

ISUCT graduates will be able to work at jewelry productions, design companies, folk workshops and other enterprises producing art products.

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