Faculty of Fundamental and Applied Chemistry (Ivanovo branch of the Higher Chemistry College of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

]]>Еducational programme specialization]]> of bachelors is “Theoretical and experimental chemistry”.

Master’s programme is “Chemistry of promising substances and materials”.

The faculty trains highly professional chemists – bachelors and masters in the major of “Chemistry”, able to work in almost all areas of modern chemistry, taking into account the latest scientific trends.

The peculiarity of training consists in the inseparable integration of science and education which was noted in 2006 with a prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of education. The prize was awarded to the university lectures team of Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, Solution Chemistry Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Higher Chemical College of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The quality of training is due to the high professionalism of the teaching staff (leading scientists are involved in the work), a modern instrumental base for the educational process and research, continuous improvement of forms and methods of teaching, a flexible system of additional qualifications, involvement of students, already from the first year, in the research activities of departments and laboratories of ISUCT and G.A. Krestov’s Solution Chemistry Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, participation of students in grants, projects, conferences of various levels.

Beginning with the first year, the students master a series of fundamental chemical disciplines, which form  the basis of a modern professional chemical researcher training. Great importance atthe faculty is attached to the study of a foreign language, modern computer technologies and their  application in science and education,  to higher mathematics and physics. Special attention should be paid to the series of pedagogical disciplines aimed at the formation of graduate competencies allowing  them to work further in secondary and higher school, using modern educational technologies.

At the faculty internships of the undergraduate and graduate students at Russian and foreign research and educational centres (USA, Germany, England, Norway, Czech Republic, Japan, Poland, Taiwan, etc.) and invitation of leading scientists from other Russian and foreign institutions for delivering lectures are practised.

The high quality of training is evidenced by the following fact – almost 35% of graduates of the faculty became Candidates of Chemistry!

A special scholarship fund after G.A. Krestov, the founder of the faculty, has been established for students with the highest academic and research performance.

Graduates of the faculty are in great demand at the labour market. The spheres of their activity are constantly expanding – they are not only employees and teachers of higher schools, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, but are also employed at the  laboratories of other state and non-state scientific centres, including foreign ones conducting fundamental and applied research in such areas as biochemistry, molecular biology, nanochemistry, geochemistry, petrochemistry, ecology, soil science, criminalistics, pharmacу, medicine, microelectronics, etc.

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