Артефакт: Business Rule
A Business Rule is a declaration of policy or a condition that must be satisfied.
Домены: Business Modeling
Типы рабочих продуктов: СпецификацияЭлементы модели

The purpose of this work product is to define a specific constraint or invariant that must be satisfied by the business. Business Rules may apply always (in which case they are called invariants) or only under a specific condition. If the condition occurs, the rule becomes valid, and must therefore be complied with.

Business Rules are reviewed by stakeholders, business-process analysts, and business designers to ensure that the descriptions of the business conform to the way business is done.  They are also used by system analysts and software architects when defining and designing software that supports the business.

Опции представленияUML Representation: Constraint, stereotyped <<business rule>>.

Modeling of business rules is optional-they are often captured in document form in addition to or instead of a model.

Business rules can be captured in both model and document form. Business rules defining structural and behavioral constraints are most easily captured directly in models, attached to the model elements to which they apply. Other business rules, especially those describing computations or policy, or those that apply to many different model elements, are best captured in document form.

Business Rules can also be included in other business or requirements specification documents.

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